Stellaris Elite (Posterior - Combined With Laser Model)

Stellaris Elite® Real-time Responsiveness Enables Exceptional Control

With an unrivaled combination of leading-edge technologies, Stellaris Elite® is optimized to deliver precise control and extraordinary efficiency to a wide range of cataract and retina procedures.

Efficient Vitreous Removal

Bi-Blade® vitrectomy cutter

Experience the stability and efficiency of dual-port cutting with Bi-Blade® vitrectomy cutters for the Stellaris Elite® platform.

  • > Stablity – Consistent flow provided by dual-port design and 100%-open duty cycle, even at 15,000 CPM1
  • > Efficiency – Up to 230% faster flow rate2

Illumination and Photocoagulation

Exceptional illumination

Xenon and mercury-xenon light sources designed specifically for small-gauge vitrectomy that support fiber optic add-ons as small as 29 gauge.

> Chandeliers

> Endoilluminators

  • Our line of high-quality endoilluminators was initially developed under the Synergetics® label, and Bausch + Lomb has continued to improve these industry-leading products. Available in focal, mid-field and wide-field output options in 20ga, 23ga, 25ga and now 27ga.

      More Rigid

  •            – All 25ga endoilluminators 146% more rigid*
  •            – All 27ga endoilluminators 156% more rigid*



  •            – 25ga diffuse widefield endoilluminator 77% brighter*
  •            – 27ga diffuse widefield endoilluminator 20% brighter (than previous 25ga design)
  •      *Compared to previous design

> Illuminated Directional

  • See the difference when patented Directional Laser Probe technology is paired with over 60 lumens of light. Our Illuminated Directional Laser Probes facilitate transfer through valved cannulas in the straight position. Once in the eye, the ability to actuate the fiber up to a 60 degree curve provides access to the far periphery. We also decreased shaft flexibility by adding a 5mm stiffening bushing with the goal of delivering excellent feel during surgery.
  •      – 60 degree directional curve
  •      – 90 degree midfield illumination pattern
  •      – Perform scleral depressions without assistance
  •      – Directly connects to most retinal lasers




Brief introduction: Bi-Blade ™

Presentation of the functionality and advantages of the Bi-Blade ™ cutter



Bi-Blade ™ functionality

Schematic comparison of the functionality of the Bi-Blade ™ (15,000 cpm) and Single-Blade (7,500 cpm) Vitrectomy

Illuminated Directional

See the difference when patented Directional Laser Probe technology is paired with over 60 lumens of light. 

Single-Blade vs. Bi-Blade ™ Cutter

Left: single-blade cutter; one cut per cycle
Right: Bi-Blade ™ cutter; two cuts per cycle

Vitesse ™ vs. pneumatic cutter

Left: Pneumatic cutter; Alternating aspiration and incision
Right: removal of the vitreous with Vitesse™; simultaneous aspiration and liquefaction