Stellaris Elite (Posterior - Combined Model)

With a variety of cutting options, Stellaris Elite™ adapts to a wide range of procedural needs.

Get in top form with Stellaris EliteTM during vitrectomies or combined procedures. The system supports you in your daily work by flexibly adapting to your preferences.

Do you prefer to operate in 23 G? No problem. But you can also imagine trying something new and would like to try 27 G? Stellaris Elite  alsolikes to serve as a combined system with this.  For a high performance vitrectomy, Stellaris Elite  has pneumatic cutters with cutting rates of 7,500-15,000 cpm (Bi-Blade) ready and is at the same time the exclusive basis for the future VitesseTM technology for vitreous body liquefaction.

Vitrectomy, Versatile Cutting Options

With a Variete of cutting options, Stellaris Elite adapts to a wide range procedural needs

Single Port Vitrectomy Cutter

> available in 20, 23, and 25 gauge

> new 7500 cpm cut rate, for efficient vitreous removal

> cuts only in the forward position


Bi-Blade Vitrectomy Cutter

> 25 and 27 gauge with cute rate up to 15000 cpm

> dual-port design, for consistent flow rate and reduce retina traction

> cuts in both forward and backward positions, for two cuts per cycle

Vitesse™ Hypersonic Vitrectomy

Exclusive to Stellaris Elite™, the Vitesse™ hypersonic vitrectomy system represent a new approach to vitreous removal (patented technology)


Optimize control and precision: HyperV technology creates a localized tissue liquefaction zone, at the edge of the port


Consistent Flow: openport design is 100% open, 100% of the time.


Unobstructed Aspiration: novel single-lumen design



Brief introduction: Bi-Blade ™

Presentation of the functionality and advantages of the Bi-Blade ™ cutter

Bi-Blade ™ functionality

Schematic comparison of the functionality of the Bi-Blade ™ (15,000 cpm) and Single-Blade (7,500 cpm) Vitrectomy

Vitesse ™ vs. pneumatic cutter

Left: Pneumatic cutter; Alternating aspiration and incision
Right: removal of the vitreous with Vitesse™; simultaneous aspiration and liquefaction

Single-Blade vs. Bi-Blade ™ Cutter

Left: single-blade cutter; one cut per cycle
Right: Bi-Blade ™ cutter; two cuts per cycle

27G Bi-Blade ™ for diabetic eye

Vitrectomy of the diabetic eye with Stellaris Elite ™ Bi-Blade ™ Cutter in 27G; max. cutting rate of 15,000 cpm