Stellaris Elite (Anterior Model)

Put a World of Power and Control at Your Fingertips

Stellaris Elite® is the result of decades of research and development in phacoemulsification technology. Stellaris Elite® was designed for cataract surgeons with cataract surgeons. It is the only system to offer a proactive approach to fluidic management, delivering exceptional chamber stability. Experience Stellaris Elite®, experience what you have been missing.

Engineered to Deliver Exceptional Chamber Stability

Chamber stability is a critical factor for successful lens extraction. Adaptive Fluidics™ proactively monitors and responds to the vacuum you command to let you focus on the surgery—not the system

Optimized for Cutting Efficiency – Attune® Energy

  • Attune® Energy delivers highly efficient cutting
  • Efficient emulsification thanks to mechanical cutting power generated by a longitudinal motion combined with an acoustic cavitation technology

Delivers Direct Control Over Fluidics

Stellaris Elite® is engineered to offer direct and precise control over fluidics.



Why compromise when Stellaris Elite® offers both cataract and retina capability in a single platform?

  • Added value with a single capital purchase
  • OR efficiency