DK-Line Perfluoro decalin Liquid

Oxane 1300 and Oxane 5700 silicone oils are
highly purified and provide a prolonged
endotamponade of
constant volume.

    1. Features and Benefits
      • Excellent visibility
      • Spontaneous evaporation
      • Proven efficiency3
      • Inert and highly pure
    2. Indication
      • Retinal detachment (RD) with giant tears
      • RD complicated by PVR
      • Proliferative diabetic retinopathy
      • Endophotocoagulation under PFCL
      • Macular holes with peripheral RD
      • Retrieval of foreign bodies from vitreous
    3. Indications
      • Retinal detachment (RD) with giant tears
    4. Specification
Dk-line Okta-line
Formulation C10F18 Perfluorodecaline C8F18 Perfluoro-n-Octane
Refractive Index (at 20°C) 1.31 1.27
Specific Gravity 1.93 1.77
Boiling Temperature 141°C 104°C